A walk on the beach in Portrush


On our last day in Portrush, we went out to find some keepsakes that would remind us about this town. We spent about an hour in souvenir shops, which were filled with different items, but nothing caught our eye. Having decided that it was not a good day for shopping, we headed to the east side beach for one last stroll. The wind was very strong and white waves crashed on the sandy beach. Surfers, dressed in wetsuits, were riding waves in an icy cold sea with admirable cheer and enthusiasm.

This beach is a favorite amongst locals for taking walks, playing with dogs and enjoying the scenery. A crescent bay, waves chased by the wind and a chain of small islands close by, make for an unforgettable view. We picked up a few pretty sea shells as souvenirs from the Antrim coast.

Suddenly we saw a group of horseback riders racing towards us along the waterfront. The horses were almost hovering over the wet sand in a vigorous race, leaving deep footprints behind. Their race was a display of strength, determination and energy. We stepped aside to catch a glimpse of these gorgeous animals. The horseback riders passed us swiftly.

What can be better than a romantic walk towards the endless horizon on the beach, watching the wind blowing spray off the tops of white crested waves, and facing the salty breeze of the sea? We picked the last interesting sea shell and headed back to the hotel.

When we returned we decided to wash the sand from the shells that we picked up on the beach. Most of them were white, with beige and brown patterns except for one shell, which was almost black. To our surprise a black little head with two little horns popped up from the dark shell. It was a sea snail. It turned its tiny head from side to side and began to crawl quickly on the surface of the sink, carrying its shell on its back. It was probably just as surprised we were. We decided to bring the sea snail back to the sea, so we took another trip to the beach. We left the snail where we found it, which was on the edge of the shore. Bye-bye and happy sailing little snail!







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