Horsetooth Mountain Open Space Park

Horsetooth Falls trail, in the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space area, is very pleasant, relatively easy, and full of suprises.
At the beginning, the trail goes through an open and breezy space with a view of mountain ranges covered with pine trees and the blue water of Horsetooth reservoir.
The trail slowly leads into the woods. Pine trees guard the sides of the trail and white and blue little flowers bow their heads. The trail goes across a small wooden bridge which covers a little creek feeding a growth of shy blue flowers between the rocks.
When the trail finally takes you to the waterfalls you can hear it first and then see it. Because it was late August, the sound of the water falling from a cliff was more impressive than its view. The falling water breaks with a soothing and musical sound on rocks covered with moss and then spills into a pool. You can watch dragonflies chasing each other over the pool’s cold crystal water. A nice view from a bench offers a good photo opportunity and a picturesque place to have a lunch.
If you take the wooden stairs up hill on your way back, the trail leads you to even greater views of the valley and of Horsetooth reservoir. It goes through the woods and meadows with each view being better than the one before. Enjoy the view of Horsetooth reservoir dotted with tiny white spots of yachts and boats.
If you want to take a shortcut, step from the unpaved road to a trail going downhill. This is the last part of the hike and you are on your way to the parking lot.
From Denver: take I-25. Take exit # 265 – Harmony road. Turn left and drive about 7 miles on Harmony Rd, which becomes Country Road 38E. Drive west on Country Road 38E for 4 miles to the south Bay entrance of Horsetooth reservoir and then another 2.4 miles to the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space trailhead. A parking lot is on the right.


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