The Giant’s Causeway: the science and the myths. (Part 2)

The Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway has an irresistible vibe created by strong ocean wind, crushing waves and unusual rock formations that awaken a visitor’s imagination. No wonder its wild beauty became an inspiration for local folklore. Almost every rock or rock formation has its name and a legend associated with it. Examples of these are the Honeycombs, the Wish Chair, the Organ, the Giant’s Boot, the Peeled Onion, and the Camel.

The Wish Chair
The Wish Chair
The Organ
The Organ

There is a legend about the Camel. Finn McCool was having a good time with his friends in a local pub. The time passed so quickly that he was almost late to tell a bedtime story to his child. Finn realized that his wife would be mad at him and ask his friends for a help. Each of them offered him a different animal to take Finn home as soon as possible, but these animals were too small for the Giant. However, a camel was strong enough to give Finn a ride to reach his child just in time for a bedtime story. Everybody was happy: Finn, his wife Oonagh and their child. The camel liked Finn so much that it decided to stay next to the McCool’s home. To this day there is a rock formation called the Camel.

The Camel
The Camel

To the left, from the view of the Camel, there is a little shack made of rocks, without a roof. There is a legend that many years ago a benevolent witch lived in this shack. People often came to her and told about their sorrows and troubles. So the witch turned their troubles into rocks and then, called her friend, a strong ocean wind to blow away their sorrows. The shack is still there on the shore, as well as thousands of rocks, and the strong ocean wind blowing away sorrows and troubles. Just come and experience the magic!

You can find more information at the Giant’s Causeway Visitor Center.


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